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1) प्रत्येक विद्यार्त्याला स्वतंत्र बेड व गादी

2) प्रत्येक रूम मध्ये स्टडी टेबल व खुर्ची ची सोय



उत्तम अशी घरगुती मेस ची सोय

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Hot and Cold Water

1) २४ तास गरम व गार पाण्याची सोय

2) २४ तास RO Plant चे शुद्ध पाणी

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library has been designed with lot of care, paying adequate attention to the needs of both faculty and students.

1)Satara College OF Pharmacy पासून चालत ५ मिनिटे च्या अंतरावर

2 ) हॉस्टेलसमोर मेडिकल व दवाखान्याची सोय

3)गाडी लावण्यासाठी पार्किंग ची उत्तम सोय

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Student Housing Near Pharmacy college satara is the ideal residence for boys, who are students looking for accommodation during the tenure of their studies..Our Vision – ” A home away from home” When you are away from home, it is comforting to know that the warmest and friendliest of welcome awaits you at a strategically located home in near pharmacy college satara

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